Nursing Services

Our facility provides excellent care to residents by our compassionate and well-trained nursing staff. All nursing staff receive continuing education that allows them to improve our residents quality of care and quality of life. With a focus on interdisciplinary care, we develop an initial Care Plan tailored to the patient’s needs and goals shortly after admission. We consider it important that families are kept informed of the progress and prognosis of their family members.

The patient’s Care Plan may include any of the following nursing services:

  • LPNs on Duty 24 hours/day

  • Renal and Diabetes Management Education Programs

  • Post-hospital & Post-surgical care

  • Bowel and Bladder Training Program

  • Individual Patient Care Plans

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Pharmacy Services

  • Respite Care

  • Daily Promenade and Restorative Walking Program

  • Arranging of Transportation Services

  • Comprehensive Pain Management

  • Enteral Feeding

  • MDRO Isolation Care

  • Medication Administration, Management, and Education

Our nursing staff and certified nursing assistants also assist patients with: ambulation, range of motion movement, activities of daily living, positioning & alignment, skin integrity & wound management, contracture management, bowel & bladder training, strengthening, blood glucose monitoring, and routine height & weight monitoring.


Therapy services are provided to residents by Prestige Physical Therapy. This excellent group of therapists is in our facility to improve the residents quality of life by improving mobility and function and reducing chronic pain. In addition to therapy, we staff full time restorative aides whose job is to work with the therapy and work with any residents who need any exercises to help maintain their physical and functional status.

Alzheimer’s Care

Care is provided in a safe environment focused on the special needs of individuals with cognitive disorders. Residents enjoy appropriate activities and programs supervised by staff that has been trained in the care of those who are cognitively impaired. This enhances safety and enjoyment of the residents and provides peace-of-mind to family members.

Social Services

Our social worker works with residents by identifying their physiological, mental, and emotional needs and works with our interdisciplinary team to make sure these needs are met. Provides support to family and resident in making the sometimes difficult transition to a long term care setting. Keeps residents and family informed on resident rights and works with state ombudsman to ensure that the resident’s rights are met. Our social worker will gladly assist you with any questions regarding financial or medical eligibility for nursing home care.

The patient’s Care Plan may include any of the following Independent Social Services:

  • Our Social Services team may arrange for professional services: Dental, Optometry, Audiology, Podiatry, Psychosocial and Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychology Support Services, Assistance of Power of Attorney execution, and Dementia Assessment

  • Manage patient and family requests and concerns

  • Resource for essential information

  • Individualized Case Management

  • Admissions processing

  • Discharge Planning

Activity & Recreation

Our activity staff is led by a certified activity director through National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP). Our residents enjoy many enjoyable activities on a daily basis. Our activity program is designed to meet the resident’s needs as individuals. We encourage our residents to lead our activity program by letting them choose activities that are meaningful to them.

Our Activity staff members create various social programs and activities for our community including:

  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties

  • Historical and Current Event Updates, Discussions, and Newspaper Reading

  • Active Resident Council

  • Field trips/outings

  • Games and Trivia

  • Gardening

  • Bingo

  • Fitness and Stretching Exercises

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Religious Gatherings

  • Singing Activities

  • Musical Programs

  • Cooking

Team Approach

We achieve our goals in providing quality care by caring for each resident as an individual by determining appropriate care with an interdisciplinary team. Our team includes our nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, administrative staff, dietary personnel, activity director, social worker, and physicians. Residents and family members are encouraged to attend care plans so they can work with our staff to find the best way to care for each resident.